We’ll never be good enough part 2

A few points left off of yesterday’s post have come to mind.

“The Coyotes are giving away tickets with a beer purchase/using airplane advertising/marketing the team in any way whatsoever”
Yes, they are. After almost 3 years of NO marketing at all, someone has finally decided that the way to actually sell a product is to, you know, advertise it. Of course, advertising is obviously proof that your product sucks. Because if you had a good product, you wouldn’t need to advertise, right? After all, when was the last time you saw an ad for Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Apple, or Toyota? Oh, yeah. They DO advertise. Because marketing is how you actually sell a product.

I get it that in Canada you just whisper the word ‘hockey team’ and magically the customers appear. But this isn’t Canada. There are some big differences between Canada and Arizona. Two of them have a very big impact on how we spend our money.

First, Arizona was one of the hardest hit states by the recession. Many people lost their jobs and homes. If I recall correctly, only Las Vegas was hit harder. We had a lot of people who simply didn’t have money to spend on the fun things in life. If you have no money, hockey tickets become a luxury. Maybe it’s different in Canada, but when faced with the choice of food or Coyotes tickets, a lot of Arizonans were choosing the food. Or the gas money. Or the rent, or the medicine. Of course there are some people who DO have some discretionary income, and that number is growing as the economy in AZ is finally starting to recover. Which brings me to the second point.

There is a LOT of competition in Phoenix for entertainment dollars. There are so many things to do, especially in the spring. Spring training, and the Diamondbacks. The Suns. The zoo. NASCAR. There are many events and teams competing for the attention and money of the fans, and every one of them markets themselves. It’s not just the Coyotes who run specials in AZ – the Suns do it. The Diamondbacks do it. The spring training facilities all do it. It doesn’t mean that they are all failures, it’s just the reality of THIS market, and THIS situation. If a team stops marketing itself completely (as the Coyotes did over the past couple of years) it doesn’t take long for people to forget about them. The current marketing campaign is trying to rectify that.
On the one hand, the team gets bashed for not having a full arena or ‘enough’ fans. But then when the team pushes to get a full arena and ‘enough’ fans, they are bashed for trying to sell the team. And if the team sold out every game, and never marketed – the haters would just move on to a new reason to hate them. Here’s a suggestion – you can start talking about how the fans aren’t good-looking enough, or not enough of them have PhD’s. That would be fun.

Scruggs/Liebermann hate the Coyotes and want them to go bye-bye!

I think it’s really cute how much of an interest some people are taking in the inner workings of the Glendale city council. Glendale isn’t a huge city by any means, so it’s kind of funny. People who live in a different country, thousands of miles away, all have the ‘inside scoop’ on what goes on in Glendale. Is there no other entertainment closer to home? Really, I guess I could pick some random city in some other country and start following their local governmental meetings – but why? Since some people seem to enjoy this as a hobby, I’d like to share a little bit of information about Glendale and the council.

First of all, Liebermann is not really taken seriously in Glendale (or anywhere else). You know that crazy old uncle at the family reunion who is always telling stories about his theories about aliens and the illuminati and the like? Well, Liebermann’s that guy. He says whatever he wants, to whomever is willing to listen. And just like the crazy uncle, people pretend to listen, nod their head…and then do whatever it is they were going to do before they crossed paths with him. If you had to pick a ‘source’ on the Glendale city council, Liebermann’s probably the worst choice. In fact, Liebermann’s cat might be a little better source – and I don’t even know if he has a cat!

Scruggs. What can I say about Scruggs? She’s been in office a long time. She is out of the loop on the negotiations. It was on purpose – one person was picked as point on this issue, and it wasn’t her. Beasley is the guy who is discussing things with the NHL, Scruggs is just along for the ride. She can throw tantrums and complain that she doesn’t know what’s going on, but that’s really all she does. And she doesn’t have the only vote. So no matter how angry she may be, there are other council members who will make the actual decision – and most of them aren’t talking.

“SOURCES” say that the Coyotes are moving to QC
You know, if you actually have real sources, why not share them? If it’s news, and it’s true, why not go on the record? There are “sources” who say that the NHL will do everything to keep the team here (sources = Bettmann and Daly). There are “sources” who are confident that the team is staying (sources = Shane Doan, Dan Maloney, Mike Nealy, Jim Treliving). Who are the sources who say that these guys are all mistaken or lying? Until the sources that say the team is leaving are named, I’ve decided that “sources” is actually code for “pulling this out of my butt.”

Treliving goes on camera saying that he’s sure the team is staying. He won’t answer the question about being a potential owner. Instead of reading this as “wow, he thinks the team is staying” the speculation starts. All sorts of reasons why he can’t be involved, he wouldn’t be involved, he would never be a potential owner, etc. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But you don’t know anything more than we do. His opinion is that the team IS staying. He’s on camera saying that. No more, no less.

Until an announcement is made, or your sources are willing to be quoted, saying that “sources” say the team is moving is wishful thinking, or a deliberate attempt to throw the Coyotes off their game, just like last year. They have been through this for so long, they’re pretty numb to it. So I don’t think it will work the way it did last year. They’ll be professional, and all the rest is just background noise.



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One thought on “We’ll never be good enough part 2

  1. I think your two posts here are really well done. I’m Canadian, AND a Jets fan and even i’ve been shocked that so many people are continuing to obsess over the Yotes situation. I don’t think Quebec should automatically get a franchise, when they lost theirs, only about 400 people protested so i’m not convinced that just because its in Canada it should be ‘entitled’ to anything hockey.

    As far as the Yotes go, they’ve fielded a competitive team this year despite all the uncertainty and the dedicated fans are there. People need to realize, there ARE fans, and losing a hockey team sucks, for those fans. Believe me i know (original Jets). While i’m not completely convinced of the financial viability of hockey in Glendale there is certainly no reason to continue the taunts and arguments. Fans are fans no matter where they are, and i wish them the best of luck. If you have a team, shaddup and cheer for it instead of hoping for the demise of another.

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