STILL not good enough? Would you really expect anything less?

Ah, the post-victory excitement continues. The Coyotes are the talk of the town – literally. On the news channels, the radio, in the paper, by the water cooler. Everyone has Coyotes fever. That’s fine, the bandwagon is plenty big for all of the new fans. And the old fans, they’re enjoying it too. I myself have found out that I’m not the ONLY fan around at work. Several of my colleagues have talked to me about the games and the team, and yesterday I met a student who is a fan. We were giving the ACT test so I had a bunch of kids who didn’t really belong to me. One of them saw my beautiful fan appreciation night poster and started up a conversation, he was pretty darn knowledgeable so definitely not a bandwagon fan!

But does that mean more respect from other hockey fans? Yes and no. I’ve seen a lot of tweets, FB posts, comments on articles, etc. congratulation the team and the fans for overcoming adversity and being able to deal with the “shit sandwich” we’ve had for the past 3 years. Lots of amazement from outsiders that the team with no owner, no star players, and supposedly no fans was able to get out of the first round. But that doesn’t stop the hate. Already I’ve seen:

This series is going to have horrible ratings! Nobody is going to watch the Preds vs. the Yotes.

Maybe. Then again, I think hockey fans just might watch the play-offs simply because it’s the playoffs. I’m sure you were hoping for a Detroit/Chicago match-up because their fans and ratings are “better.” But there’s one big problem with that scenario – their TEAMS weren’t better on the ice. And when it comes right down to it, that’s all that matters. Because it’s the Cup, ya know.

Ha ha, the games aren’t sold out yet. See, nobody wants to watch!
Argument from ignorance. The games aren’t sold out yet for some very simple reasons: first, the second round tickets went on pre-sale to STH and the like. I bought my tickets back in February, all the way through to the final match (or however far they go). But the general public couldn’t buy them right away. So yeah, considering that only now can the GP buy tickets I think they’re selling at a brisk pace. The second factor is that the schedule hasn’t yet been released. Rumor has it that the first game will be Friday – but there are many who need to know if it will truly be Friday – or maybe Saturday? Not everyone has jobs that allow them to take off for a hockey game, and people DO have other commitments. Myself – if the games are Friday/Sunday, I have to rearrange my schedule a bit. Don’t worry, the games WILL sell out once the actual dates are set. And this time you can’t say “well, it’s because of all the PREDS fans in Phoenix.” (but it probably will be said anyway)

Ooh, people showed up at the airport to greet the team. Big deal.
1000 people showed up. That’s a big deal. It was 100 degrees out. The airport isn’t exactly walking distance. There is limited parking. It was the middle of the day on a work day. So 1000 people showing up is pretty good. I would have loved to be there – except I’m a teacher, and as I mentioned – I was giving the ACT test. So I couldn’t take off. I know there are MANY fans who would have loved to be there, but had to work or go to school. If it had been a weekend, I would have been there. But someone has to educate the children.

Coyotes play boring hockey.
Sorry you don’t enjoy watching them play. I hear there are some nice golf courses you can visit instead. I do believe that is what many of the players from the traditional hockey-crazy markets are doing right now, perhaps you could ask them for recommendations?



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